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Delivery and Tracking Technology
Delivery and tracking technology has dramatically improved, but it only matters if it helps your customers
and makes your company better!
As you can imagine, technology for the courier and delivery industries has drastically improved over the past
couple of years. Tracking and monitoring your packages has never been easier.

But, technology seems to be a two-edged sword. On one hand it can help you track and manage your
deliveries on a “real-time basis” … and on the other it causes much higher expectations from everyone
involved including your customers and end-users! Everything is moving at a faster and faster pace, and your
customers now don’t just demand on-time shipments, they want real-time reporting so they know what is

GPS Tracking
Of course the delivery company you choose must be equipped with GPS devices that allow the company to
instantly tell you where your package is and give you an accurate assessment of what time your package
will be delivered.

Real-Time Confirmations
With this technology you can get automatic update of shipment status. Customers can receive email updates
of when orders are placed, picked and delivered, eliminating the necessity to track packages online or call in to
your transportation solutions provider.
Technology, not only used to manage our own
business, but by providing our clients with real
time data feeds, allowing our clients to ‘touch and
feel’ each shipment from the time it leaves
it's location until it arrives at its destination. In
today’s hyper-competitive business environment
every customer needs this advantage. Today,
Starrnet LLC uses State of the Art software that
allows our customers to place orders on-line as
well as track them in route.
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