Putting Independent Contractors
to work with Starrnet Transportation in 2017

Do you have the Entrepreneurial Spirit as an Independent Contractor?
If yes then you are the IC (Independent Contractor) we have been looking for at Starrnet Transportation. The level of your success, and in turn dollars you
make, is up to you. Starrnet has a variety of contracted services that need a business like you to fulfill our client’s needs for On Demand Messenger,
Same Day Distribution and Scheduled Routes. These various services require the use of your own vehicle, whether it be a car, full size van, or a 24’
straight truck. Starrnet's large diverse network of clients has work demands anytime, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The amount of revenue your
independent contractor business can produce is dependent on your willingness and availability. The greater your availability and the more diverse
service you offer Starrnet Transportation, the more profitable your business will be.

Starrnet Transportation is accepting general applications for IC drivers. (Independent Contractors).

We are always looking for courteous, safety conscious, and reliable IC drivers who live in the Southern California area. Starrnet Transportation is
looking for IC drivers to make critical deliveries to premier hospitals, local businesses, and home deliveries. Human life can be at stake with some of
our deliveries and we need people that can handle the responsibility of getting the product there on-time!

What is necessary to succeed?
All drivers MUST have own mobile phone with Java installed (for our App to work). You must enable GPS on phone (most phones can enable this
feature). Must have Internet Access at most 15MB per month usage to use our tracking software.

What  will be required of you to work with us:
You are an IC (Independent Contractor)
Be 18 years or older
Legal to work in the USA / Legal Resident in the U.S.A
Have a Minimum of 100/300/50 automobile liability insurance
Have a Current Drivers License
Have a Clean Criminal Background and be E-Verify
Have a Good Motor Vehicle Record
Have a reliable car, Mini-van or Truck (No open beds allowed without shell or cover) for deliveries
(A Clean, Reliable Vehicle)
All IC Drivers are required to take State required HIPAA Test
All IC Drivers are drug tested randomly

How do I get Started?
Fill out our online application today!
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