Expect More Options and Flexibility
• Pick up from distribution centers
• Receiving shipments and deliveries
• OSD reporting (overages/shortages/damages)
• Cross docking
• Bulk sorting
• Consolidate shipments for order fulfillment
• Accurate documentation for chain of custody
• Pick and pack
• Critical parts programs
• Efficient routing
(we can create efficient routing solutions or follow yours)
• Same day or next day delivery options
• Assembly and installation teams

Expect More efficient and cost effective solutions
Starrnet Transportation provides local, regional distribution
solutions that are expertly engineered for maximum efficiency and

Expect More from our customized logistics systems
Our modern and fully equipped facilities and our experienced
management and staff.
Are you looking for more than just a long term warehouse to store your products? Are you tired of the hassles, time
and money spent on warehousing, shipping and receiving and more importantly, are shipping and warehousing truly
part of your core business?  If they aren’t, then you should consider a third-party logistics company.
Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Warehouse & Distribution
Our tractor trailers are available for large loads. Tractor trailers are
generally dedicated for a certain job or project and are charged by
the hour or quoted price. This service requires a minimum of 24
hours advance notice.

Capacity: 53 foot trailer: For larger deliveries up to 24 pallets